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2018-2019 Lingerie Football League Logos

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Teams consist of 20 players, only 14 of whom are active on game day. If still tied, Lingerif game ends drawn, and each team receives a one in the tie column in the lague however, in postseason, multiple minute sudden death periods are played until one team scores, which wins the game. Other league changes included eliminating images of sexy women from team logos and changing the league tagline from "True Fantasy Football" to "Women of the Gridiron". Sinceteams are given the option to punt if within their own 10 yard line.

A few also have experience in tackle football from playing in other semi-pro leagues.

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After a touchdowna team can ,eague a one-point conversion from the one-yard line, or a two-point conversion from the three-yard line. Teams get 2 timeouts per half or overtime period. The standard defensive formation features 2 defensive linewomen1 linebacker2 cornerbacksand 2 safeties strong safety and free safety. January 10, In a move sure to polarize fans of what is billed as the "Nation's fasted growing sports league," the Lingerie Football League has announced plans to rename itself the "Legends Football League.

League team logo Lingerie football

Many of the players have a background in competitive athletics at the college and semi-pro level, in sports such as track and fieldtennisvolleyballsoftballsoccerbasketballand fitness -style bodybuilding. The sole focus will be on growing the league in the US, the exception being international exhibition games to introduce prospective countries to the league. Are Philadelphia Passion fans showing up to the Wells Fargo Center to watch the athletic prowess of the players? Let's face it, probably not. January 10, - 2: It's a good move, if you ask me.

But at least we can get away from the wink-and-nod marketing of the league that danced around the fact that you were basically seeing an angry, mutated version of the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

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