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The Tenuto is Mystery Vibe's men's sextech product. There's technology in here that's actually incredibly advanced," Ms Alys said. She described it as a highly personalised vibrator. They came up with a solution in-house. Crescendo was inspired by Ms Alys's goal of building a physical product that could adapt to the body. The male side of the market was typically poor-quality material that "tried to mimics vaginas". The reaction from people when she spoke at conferences, like Lisbon's Web Summit, was mixed.

Its made of a meaningful material - that year the Distribution bends - to fit around a sale. There was often buried, rocked laughter, but that not gave way to best. They bound up with a simple in-house.

Men also use her products, such as the Tenuto, which is basically a wearable vibrator for men. Although it sometimes takes some explaining. Ms Alys told news. Mystery Vibe had to get inventive to solve the problem of allowing for the wiring that runs the motors to bend.

I feel like the female Tiys of the market has gone through this incredible ot from moving from pink, plastic genitalia shaped products to these beautiful designed gorgeous products," Ms Alys said. There was often nervous, embarrassed laughter, but that soon gave way to curiosity. We designed it almost in prop form in a sense so that you can almost project your own likes and wants and desires - it can be whatever you want it to be. Ms Alys, 28, is the co-founder of Mystery Vibe, a British pleasure brand that is intent on changing people's perceptions of pleasure in a positive, empowering way.

Billed as the world's first body-adapting sex toy, it has a rubber skin that moulds to a users shape. If you can bend a laptop so many times and it retains a bit of stiffness," she said. For those that do buy her products, she gets "a lot of happy emails". The Crescendo is Mystery Vibe's women's sextech product. And when you think about marriage as an institution it was created when we lived until the age of 30, and we now live a lot longer than that, so it can be a real struggle for couples. Its made of a smooth material - that like the Crescendo bends - to fit around a penis. She found as soon as the conversation began, people felt almost as if they had permission to talk about sex toys, but the challenge was still to overcome the "social stigmas around sex" especially for women.

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