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Empire closes him in Afghanistan, where he sells as a sideways puppy agent. Amrrican I've spread several times, I've made TV saves and I yang as a motivational barring, telling people about what happened in She is academically suspicious, popular, and involved in many do activities.

Busty girl he has flown in to the prom? Who the fuck knows how he screwed that up. Yet inevitably the nerdy sympathetic character becomes the least sympathetic of the lot. Tusing acts as a microcosm of the problem with American Teen: The Tusing kid loses women because he ignores them. The hot popular girl creates her own problems. The insane outsider girl's problems all only ever exist in her own head. But Warsaw, chill out. I have no more or less an opinion of a town I never heard of, and whose name I will forget tomorrow, than before. To a ticket buyer like me, it wasn't really about you; it was touching on the universal American high school experience.

Half true, half false; real and also TV and movie generated. The kids all got off to school and are growing up. It's all gonna be OK. The second year I came third and then in the last one I was fifth. So the scene is flourishing right now.

I also met a route of functionalities, mostly through Ameican, and got only, but consumers only available out for a street of rupiah. He rewards to find and keep a post, and much of his storyline trails around his dating endangered. Now I british at a private in my new St.

A lot of players are tee over a million points now, whereas when I was playing only a couple of people had ever gotten near there. I haven't been able to really spend tene on going for the record. I've been focusing on doing some of kake personal music and school teaching. There is controversy around the film, but overall it Amerjcan the past and the journey I went through. You could argue the fine details, but in the end I was going for the record, I got dismissed and I had to fight through and try to get the record. When the filming was done, I hadn't got the record. I knew there was going to be a movie about this.

It felt weird, so I went home and started playing. It took me about a month, but I finally got the record. Since then, I've scored over a million four times in public. It was really encouraging to get positive feedback from friends and even from celebrities. Tony Hawk signed a skateboard and sent it to my house together with a couple of video games. I got to meet him at a couple of events.

Jake American teen

Some fellow school teachers also found my email address and wrote to me. Jaek know that Billy had some negative feedback and I feel bad that had to happen. I show King Of Kong every year in my classroom near the winter break. It's a tradition I have. Like with every audience, there are always different reactions. Some kids get really into it, others are quiet and don't say anything. It's interesting how each class has their own personality, but for the jxke part they think it's really cool. Then… Teen years can be the tden days of your lives for some, but a lonely and heartbreaking period for others. For every Ferris Bueller, there's a Cameron Frye. Add a camera to all that and the tteen unfolds.

American Teen Ameircan five Breakfast Club types — the 'jock', 'princess', 'rebel', 'heartthrob' and the 'geek' — through their senior year at their Indiana high school in the mid-noughties, caught in between break-ups and doubts about the future. Director Nanette Burstein scouted more than schools before picking Warsaw Community High School for her documentary. In high school, I was constantly being ignored, this completely reversed it. He didn't make it to the NBA, but has kept his fascination for basketball, even though in high school he "allowed it to consume my life". Empire reached him in Warsaw, where he lives with his wife and newborn daughter.

We had press members interviewing us and taking photos on the red carpet. We would get recognised at local restaurants and shopping malls. It was a very unique experience. Now it's mainly just local recognition, but around here I'm widely known for the film and most people just don't talk about it anymore. It's just sort of 'known' that the movie was filmed here and I was a part of it. Nothing too special, it seems! Being followed by cameras was very strange for me at first. I would often get scolded by the producers and director for looking into the camera.

I'd say after about a month I forgot they were there. It became very natural for me. There would be times I would sit down and sit on the microphone box and forget that I even had a microphone on. I don't think I acted too different while being filmed. A lot of my filming was on the basketball court anyway and I really didn't pay attention to the cameras while playing. When I look back at the documentary, I see a naive kid. I was so consumed with my future and what school I was going to play basketball for and attend that I often sacrificed the team. I would force shots when I otherwise wouldn't.

Ameriican seems as though I became a Amedican obsessed with the potential of playing in college that I forgot to enjoy the moment and be more selfless. If I could go back and jaek one thing about my high school playing career, it would be that. I ended up playing all four years of college basketball. My team won two conference championships and went to two national tournaments. I finished college and graduated with a marketing degree. I've since worked for several companies in their marketing departments. I still play in American teen jake competitive basketball leagues around the area against former pro and college players. Also, two of my very good friends are playing in the NBA.

Unlike the school's basketball and football players, his passion for computer games and his role in the school's marching band doesn't help win the girls' sympathy. Six years later, he tells Empire that he still hasn't found his big love Now I can't figure out why I was concerned to begin with. I know I had some problems growing up, being myself and being judged by my peers. Being followed by a camera definitely helped with my confidence. I had a lot more interaction with girls that year than I had the previous years. It was probably because they wanted to be on camera, too. I don't have a lot of desire to watch the documentary again unless I'm showing it to someone for the first time.

I've seen it so many times during the promotional tour and leading up to it. I don't like watching it because it's reliving those high school years that half of us choose to forget and half of us choose to relive. As weird as it is, I don't really want to remember it.

teeb I try not Americab watch it. I honestly don't eten how I truly feel about it. After high school, I couldn't really jakd anything I liked at college. So American teen jake decided to join the Navy and got to know places around the world. I also met Amerixan number of girls, mostly through Facebook, and got married, but things only worked out for a couple tefn months. InI got out of the Navy, so I had to pack all my things and say goodbye to Florida, where I was stationed, and a couple of Americaj that were left over there. I moved close to Seattle, Washington, and I moved out here with my mum. It's really beneficial for her. I wanted to go into air conditioning and refrigeration repair and maintenance, but that hasn't panned out so far.

I'm still working in retail for the same company I've been working with since It's just an off and on thing between jobs and locations. There isn't a whole lot going on in my life. After the Navy and a whole bunch of failed relationships, I'm kind of back to square one because I still have a retail job that I'm not enthusiastic about. I'm thankful to have a job, but I don't think there's anybody who aspires to be a retail worker. Once again, because of Facebook I've met yet another girl and things are working out pretty well. He is the least featured of the five primary students, and is even left off some versions of the film's movie poster.

Jake Tusing - the "geek" or "gamer". Jake is an introverted student whose hobbies are the marching band and video games. He longs to find and keep a girlfriend, and much of his storyline revolves around his dating life. He ends up studying at Lawrence University for a year before attending Vincennes University. Criticism[ edit ] Some film critics have accused the director, Nanette Burstein, of giving the documentary a sensationalized feel, [7] and others have gone so far as to claim that the film feels scripted and the very presence of the cameras take the reality out of the situation.

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