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Refugees shouldn't be deported for sex crimes

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the pending deportation of convicted sex offenders has provoked little outrage or interest. A line has been crossed and a legal precedent created: Moreover, if citizenship is a privilege, the Rochdale case shows us that this privilege is distributed along profoundly racialised lines, beginning with the most vilified criminals in society. In the first eight years following the introduction of these powers incitizenship-stripping was used only four times. Between andhowever, Theresa May, then Home Secretary, stripped the citizenship of 33 people. The Windrush generation have since been reclaimed as our own, bought back into the national fold through constant reminders that they are not illegal immigrants but good citizens.

Yet, this is not a glitch in the system.

By making deportable this group of failed citizens, lacking the newfound public sympathy of Windrush citizens, the boundaries of belonging have been shifted and the hostile environment expanded. We should not be surprised then when these br of exclusion are easily extended to other groups who have spent their lives in Britain. And this is with kr good reason. By definition a refugee is someone being offered protection because their life is at risk in their home country. To send depofted back could mean potentially sending them to their death. So the legal changes the German mainstream political parties are outbidding each other to make could effectively might amount to a death sentence for something as minor as theft.

To anyone with even a passing acquaintance with accepted European jurisprudence this should seem a touch harsh. Mason, who was head of the Centers for Disease Control indeserved to be anonymous. Moore should know what the people he works for in this sanctuary city think of him and the job he was sent here to do. If you should encounter Marc J. Moore when he's not at work—if you see him at the grocery store or sitting on an airplane or waiting for a table in a restaurant—seize the opportunity to tell Moore what you think of ICE, of Donald Trump, and of him. Don't break the law, of course, and don't interfere with Moore if he's on official business aka terrorizing your undocumented friends, neighbors, coworkers, and lovers.

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But if you should see him in line at Starbucks or waiting to board a plane at Sea-Tac, you can and you should exercise your constitutional right to tell Marc J. Moore to go fuck himself. Will Moore wind up feeling uncomfortable as he moves through his daily routine if enough people in this sanctuary city confront him? But his discomfort is nothing compared to the fear being experienced right now, as a direct result of his actions, by undocumented immigrants, their spouses, and their children. I have two sisters now, but they were both born here in Seattle. I'd rather have myself be taken away than my sisters. I'd rather see them have a good life than me. I'm trying to keep a positive look into this, but yeah, inside I was just like, 'Oh, we're doomed.

As a result, our undocumented friends, coworkers, and neighbors are increasingly vulnerable to exploitation, to wage theft, to sexual assault, and to blackmail. Parents and children like Edgar live in fear of having their lives and their families destroyed by Marc J. All Moore has to fear is someone telling him to go fuck himself at QFC.

Be deported or Fuck

Moore is a public servant and we have a constitutional right—at least as of this writing—to tell public servants like Marc J. Moore what we think of them and what we think of the jobs they're doing, and we are free to express our opinions outside of town hall meetings and feedback forms on government websites. Barkin was able to confront Flake because he recognized Flake. The video went viral. We can tell Marc J.

Moore what we think of him. We can record it. We can upload it. We all pay his salary—and that "we" includes undocumented immigrants like Edgar's parents. The undocumented immigrants in our community paying Moore's salary can't risk telling him to go fuck himself.

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